Von Krahli AED seats 85 guests through three floors. Our restaurant is lovated in a dignified Old Town building with an exciting history.


The Main Hall
interior design is romantic, cozy and welcoming. It has 31 seats among 11 tables. The tables can seat from 2 to 6 guest

The dining room Upper Floor Cabinet has the capacity for 12 guests with a private hallway and wardrobe. The room is perfect for a small celebrations.  

The Ground floor dining room can seat up to 40 guests. The Ground floor is organized in two dining rooms: The Ground Floor Main Hall and The Ground Floor Cabinet.

The Ground Floor Main Hall seats up to 24 guests among 6 tables. The room is good for intimate diners and for long table events

The Ground Floor Cabinet
seats up to 16 guests among 4 tables. The Cabinet is perfect for private events, celebrations and intimate dinners.

In summer, the restaurant has two summer terraces: In front of the house on Rataskaevu street for enjoying the view of Niguliste church. And a Garden Terrace located in our restaurant courtyard and with a lovely decor.

We can host very different events from small intimate candlelit dinners to larger private and corporate events. To discuss your event or to arrange to see our restaurant, please contact aed@vonkrahl.ee