Everyone is welcome in Von Krahli Aed: vegans and omnivores, paleo enthusiasts and wine lovers, monks and sybarites.

Here they can all stay true to their eating habits while meeting in a romantic atmosphere around the same table. Our building’s history dates back to the time prior to Copernic when the world was still flat, Columbus had just been born and goulash had not yet arrived in Hungary.

We founded our restaurant at a time when organic food was seen as a hobby of pretentious snobs and vegetarian food as a malfunction disorder. Exactly two Estonians had heard of veganism and one of them was working in our kitchen. However, we were the very first ones to make a start with all of this in Tallinn.

And we continue to do it to this day. With a happiness. We get inspired by plants! We are not vegetarian restaurant, but plants are our house glory. We prefer local. We prefer organic. We prefer wellbalanced food. We prefer the Nordic crispness and the taste of the food’s ingredient itself. We prefer organic wines. We don’t have any others. Our belief is that the pleasure from fresh and pure food is one of the greatest that nature can offer us. We strive to mediate this joy to you with our best skills.

And we are the only certified organic restaurant in town.

Welcome to the Embassy of Pure Food!

And one more thing: don’t forget to visit Von Krahl Theatre next door, the flagship of Estonian avant-garde since 1992.